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Saints - Attacking Basics

Northampton Saints coaches look at the basic principles of attack including holding depth and scanning the defensive situation.

Video Subtitles

Making sure we're looking up seeing what's around us both in attack and defense and then when we went back into that handling drill really noticeable that we're obviously trying to attack the spacer, which means they do have to look up and also identifying weaknesses in defense guys. All we did is we just attack out here. It's a card in here pull the pass back through the hands around the blue cone when you come around the corner and then we just attacked down this channel off we go. Around the corner around attack. It hard attack it hard for the past back good. If I put the fenders in there in a minute. Again, what we trying to achieve? Yep overlap or just attacking space? Okay. So as we come around that corner, where should we be looking? Up forward. Okay scanning. How early do we won that ball? Good well done. Hey great shot on the outside. Well done good line coming around that corner and you've straightened your lineup in case even if you did get it, you're attacking the weak shoulders so well done.