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2nd man at breakdown

What is the role of the 2nd defender at the tackle or breakdown? How do you coach players to be effective

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Looking a little bit of Contessa tackle. Nothing's going to be full-on. It's going to be very technical but just getting their mindset of getting over the ball with a good strong body positions. Surely you're going to you can assist tackle. So are you confirming to ground then what you need to do show daylight and then you're going to get it in the bowl. Okay ready? Good stuff. Okay, thoughts on that chaps, huh? Release him a little bit earlier Safran to Graham release him earlier possibly yet to be shown up. They like their yeah. I think he did. I think it was good. I think he's body position was really good Connor what you do? What you got to do is a ball carrier. Yeah, you're going to present the book. She landed on it you protected it which made it difficult for Sean. But if you can't get to that b******* on what can you do to the referee to possibly get that get that penalty? Yeah, if you can't see the ball, he's not presented it you can fight you can struggle you can say to the referees holding on is holding on. Okay, your job is to present that balls idea. I wanted to get onto it makes sense. Okay, let's have another little demo here Place same again. So Matt around his legs good good five fights till the ball. So the ball away with you. Perfect. Okay, so just into free to step to grab a ball along the halfway line here and I wander around and we'll pick up some technical points sell physical and you have to look after the player. So a lot of the technical work looking at different ways to offload that contacts And can you help him get into ground jump was wrapped him up there. Ideally if you thrown towards you showed a lot nice low body was you can get over that ball so much quicker. Let's go again. Good honorable. James lovely good. You're a nice kid speed over the ball. Don't forget that wide base is going to be somebody coming in to clear you out. You have a nice wide base economy strong. I know there's nobody there now, but think about good habits. Get over the ball wide base James good and you can assist afronta ground. That's what we're working on the contest on the ground. Yeah. Can you make it so that Sean lands on your terms the icon and you just wrap them up again there but you've shown the ball. Okay. So if you're in here, can you bring Sean towards you're here throwing to ground there and then daylight yet and then get in the ball that way. Okay, my dear, let's go to make it easy for James is that tackles made and James you're helping the system to bring it in towards you to just set up again Big John Randy's legs. Good Gmail. You're going to see you're going to start HTML by going forward. Okay, baby. Taylor still good nice. Okay, this is your bag here Cameron good on the ball on the ball steal it nice. So we're now just give a little bit of pressure on the guy that's can be contesting the case of Tom. You going to wrap him up. You're trying to go forward Callum Cameron side pulls away. They like low body position. But this time you're going to hit in as is stealing the ball. Okay. I want you to take the ball. Don't worry about driving Beyond, but just I wanted to test his body position over the ball. Let's have another one love a demo here, please so just side on good gun is only sales. What is the need to do then is go for more. Can you be quicker? Yeah. Kenny's body height go down earlier. Yep, let's go again. Then James Gunn you had some feedback there. Yeah, possibly on the boat. If you're going to help with the tackle, you might have to show De le let's go here assist tackle help to get him a dick good natural strength over the ball strength of the real good good. That's okay think of wider base possibly George from you slightly wider base to be a little bit stronger. In that situation so I know we're not supposed about it. But what yet? Perfect. It's been a really important. These guys are picking up those, you know, those real core basic simple skills and you know these drills that we've been doing with the guys today a drills that we've been doing in pre-season the first few weeks for the first time guy, so it's just about doing those simple things that Basics really really well.