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Worcester - Live breakdown work

A further progression for players to make decisions with multiple attackers and defenders on what the 1st and 2nd player does at the tackle

Video Subtitles

What I want now is try to extra attackers in please but what she'll grab a shield on this side and you're going to work with the attacker? Okay, so you're going to work on a clear out. Same principle. We really nice and tight girl. Keep working. Keep playing come through if I come through the ball. Good. You're going to choice that fuzz we can get Hands-On we get Hands-On if we can't get Hands-On we fight for the ball nice and tight who's up first, mr. Tackle. Good. So we can get Hands-On so we can get hands on. Come true come true come true. Okay, stop the head. Key thing for me. All we're trying to do is get that one meter pass the ball ignore the ball Josh try and take that space because the crucial part is a space back here. It's just set it up there just like it was you were. Just present the ball and the situation. We're in Josh. To hit the balls are not a threat if you just work past the ball here someone else to get the turnover. Don't wait for them. Just take that space. Yes, let's go nice and tight. In short we go. Here we go. Play play play come through the ball come true. Good good. Turn over there good. Still pop tackle. Yes still probably tackle. If you're still part The Tackle just can't pass the ball. There's a slide. It's shot by some trick. Just despite this clear follows the moment or the said you have a sister. Okay, if your sis you got to get your hands away. Otherwise, I'm released. Okay. So let's make that clear you can go after the ball. Let's make a clear sign that we moves off the boat before we go back on if we can't just fire Through Fire through we get the turnover another way. Boston's Finest attire Good. Good. Good last one.