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Worcester Academy - Jackal Technique

Take a look at how they coach the jackal technique at Worcester academy!

Video Subtitles

To start off here now is basically working on getting their hands on the ball Jaclyn the ball. That's what I want to do start position or what you lay down on the floor here. Okay, when you're ready, I need your spring into your feet quickly making a clear sign with your hands that you've released and over the ball. Okay, and fighting to get the ball out to understand that okay when you're ready to go. What's car guy next one next one next one. Let's make it really clear that you release the player before we go back over the ball. We ready go next one next one up. Okay. Nope, really important lesson. We get one shot on the ball. We get one chance we get one shot. Let's make sure we make a clear sign with release straight on the ball and ball out if we can't get one shot on what do we do next? Okay, let go beyond the ball. Okay, here we go. Good try and stay on your feet. Rhinestone. Feet makes one. Let's go already. dope