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JWC 2012: Multi-phases

At the JWC 2012 there was an increase in the number of tries scored after 7+ phases. It is taking longer to break down better defences.

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Compared to the previous year the 2012 Junior World Championship. I saw an increase in number of tries scored after seven phases after sometime defenses can break down due to fatigue and players get in the power position this creates mismatches for the attacking team to exploit their for coaches should put emphasis on Fitness the team able to stay organized and effective after more phases all succeed against strong defenses. Develop this by using condition games that integrate or attention skills and fitness elements. These games allow players to learn from their mistakes. In the coaches area go to continuity and find the game called drop touch. This is a good example of an exercise designed to work on identifying mismatches. Defending players are given numbers and called back to their try line at random times. This leaves gaps in the defensive line, if the attacker playing with a heads-up, they should identify and exploit these gaps.