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Ground Work and Ball Presentation

It is important for players to practice working hard on the ground to get the ball presented back to their team. This session uses bodyweight exercises to practice the movement and enforces it with a conditioned game. Log in to see the full video.

Video Subtitles

West last couple runs north well don't stand up followers of a little breather stand up in a game if you're playing that way or you to hit the deck on your chest now. Playing the facing that way facing that way. Okay, and then I want you to present the ball as you would in the game that you're playing that way playing that way. Yep. So I'd pull it if I was you I play move from that position. Okay, got the right idea the body position there couple of things are doing two hands. Okay, Kitt aborting your chest because you can lose it there keep it in two hands. And also what you're working on the floor working your body around not just sitting up and running. Let's go back again. Alright, so from that position get to the other position little bit working for. That's more like it. You can wriggle you can roll whatever so problem is fellows if anyone comes in as a Defender. Okay, y'all carry it one hand. You can just kick out your hand or just look at you and easy. I was a good touch and icons or two hands at all times. Okay, so we'll look at this fellow's you get back in position. Okay, you can be as partner, which is left top of him. You're going to give it this land. However, you like just give a bit of resistance. Okay, right. So you're in this position 8 that's not straight ahead of you South stroke behind you East is that way west is that way if I call north south east or west you've got a present in that direction. Okay, so you're currently in North. All right, so just example show everyone East you're working that way. You've got to work a little bit. Okay South Good luck you make you working how many hands roll the ball in to okay. So with a partner ball between the two of you getting position fellas we already East so quick you can first get in that position present long tool and South get working on the deck. God present long two hands.