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Turning defence into attack

The Northampton saints approach to defence is to "Turn over ball" and to this end the tackle is only the start of the process and the coach outlines this approach and provides some examples

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Okay, the next thing we're going to look at is a bit of our defense. All right, and what's the key principle to our defense? Defense to get the ball back. Okay. So whatever we do is about getting the ball back not stopping them scoring. Although we have to stop them score but all campuses get that ball back. So what are ways we can get the ball back. Okay, so pressured start with so getting off the line different types of defense yet went in the right situation and how you going to know, which is the right situation as Defender. You have to identify identify the situation so we scan again. All right, so there's a common theme in a lot of stuff we do in that we scan the pitch and we look right. There's no set rule in in on stuff we do. Okay. What else are we going to get the ball back Jack brilliant? So once we made the tackle we Jackal which is what Brilliance you get back to your feet quickly and then what else if there's people there and they've formed a rock what else would we do truck? Brilliant? Okay. So just a couple of examples then Henry's got the patties going to fold it over. So this is just going to work on Henry's ability to get back to his feet. So he's going to hit the deck and then again, Good. Hi, what's up height should be to get the ball nice and low imagine the balls there. Okay, it's nice to know you're not clearing Henry. You still in the ball? Okay, so he's got to support his own body weight is nice and low. All right, and then he's looking to lift that ball up. All right, so we've got to see the referee thinking someone's holding onto that see that example again, so I'll put the ball down. Good and as teammates, what can you be shouting get up? So that's here a bit of motivation for Henry. Come on Henry. All right, perfect good and what else at going to do? Yeah, encourage him and encourage referee to give us the decision Perfect. All right, so Henry's going to do that. So he gets down and up. So one of our key principles is to make the tackle get back to our feet what sort of tackle do we use at the Saints? Hello tackle. Okay, so he's going to make the tackle. I'll put the ball. I'll put the ball down. All right, it feels over the ball what you're going to do clear brilliant. So, let's see what we do Henry. Now that you're just going to let him clear. Okay, ready got him. Good loud and clear. Perfect. Good technique. All right. What do we notice about is clear nice and low right Henry going to make this tougher for you. Got a decision to make now if he's close you're going to do clear em out if he's far away you're going to all right. Here we go. Let's test in filmmaking are for a come on Henry. Good. Well done. What we can do now is just going to a little exercise that that makes it a bit live. All right, so Pete you can be the ball carrier after you can be the tackler. Okay, so now we're just going to make this a little bit more live felt so side on seeing the tackler feel you're going to be out of the bag. All right. So let's actually look at Arthur's tackle technique now. So Phil you can go up close. All right, if he's close, he does what clear if he's far away good. You read it you're tackling are back to your feet. So low Taco back to your feet. Arthur get the ball and what can you boys do good? So you told him after the event tell him when he does it just have one more good nice and low low good up. Perfect. Oh unlucky well done. Okay, so now we'll build in the clearer. All right, and this will cover a tackle compete and also will also look at our rocking technique for when we're clear in the breakdown. So what's going to happen now exactly the same Arthur's going to make the tackle on Pete. All right. So this time we look in our attack. Okay. So now now we're looking at our attack and clear out. All right. So after if you can make the tackle, please go to gets back to his feet gets over the ball. All right, perfect. So when we're looking at Phil now being an attacker and looking to clear this out what you're looking to do. Good, so he's going to get nice and low. Good. Where do you want his head to go underneath his chest and then he drives up and over the ball. Perfect. Okay, let's watch that again. Nice good perfect, and we come lovely great examples when we're looking at our support play and I'll clear out. What's it really important. We do as a support team timing. We've got to win the race to the breakdown. Okay, what sort of ways can you can you help the attack talk talk? What else might I do before the actual tag was made support him by latching on and driving through the contact. All right, but before that you've got to get to that break down early. Okay, and obviously to support all these things are those key objectives to get your head low get over the book. All right, when you arrive into the Rock, what do we do again? Assess the situation assess the situation. So what do we need to look for before that the boat? All right, so we find the ball and then we scan and see what the opposition are doing. If they're close. We know we've got a clear if they're far away. It might be a case of picking up and play it brilliant.