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Quins - Choke Tackle Technique

Harlequins coaches and players discuss the choke tackle, as well as the importance of enjoyment at training, and differences between players

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People that pool good and then we had a look at our tackle technique where we looking on the choke tackle Escape Route. just saying so I was just waiting to work two attackers and one and two Defenders then a third the front of the net coming from so just a little bit of a mentalist for people in so if I'm attacking before eyes are fully deployed into it and then I'm going to help him out. Once it's taken situation. Just say one thing everyone all in one group will just work is good together. So take you can feed running the show. Don't clubs them all one of our key fundamentals enjoyment. It's worth about working hard having a good time. But working hard on, you know, you've got to do it and in training you what your best when you're enjoying it like any job if you're enjoying it and you work in your striving all for the same goal, which is brilliant. Is Carl Dixon Danny care? Are they going to tackle the same way as Luke Wallace and Chris Rock Show. Are they going to contestable the same way? It's Charlie Matthews hit all six foot seven or six or eight Nick Kennedy six four days. Is he going to contest the tackle in the same way? No, they're not. So it's actually just making them aware even though you're doing a drill and it's saying this is what we're looking for actually little bit of License to the player to understand what they do best and let them actually focus on that way of doing it rather than saying it's one-size-fits-all because it