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This year we're looking at the tackle 60% of injuries in the game of rugby still occur from win a tackles made to help us coaches coach The Tackle to our players. We've broken it into three phases the beginning the developing and the advanced to get our bodies really for tackling. We're going to do some warm-up drills so that we're ready to rumble cool. Hey guys were first warm-up activity we're going to do is called the bear hug takedown. Okay. So you're going to start on your knees come together and the bear hug position arms around each other and the aim of this game is Rico. You've got to try and push Robert down to this side of the ground or wrestle and Robert you've got to wrestle Rico to that side of the ground and the key things. I want to see your why this activity is good. Okay. We're going to see tension in the arms and the hands we're going to see the head being used as well. Okay, and I want to see a lot of fight as we go in the sector of the cool radio-ready on your marks sit. Good man rubber room and good work. Okay up again 1.2 Robert. Okay, one point here start again bear hug, Rico bit more fights. I want to see a lot more tension in your arms really use your head to push across as well and get your shoulders involved see it. Go. Good. Good Rico good side to side other way other way. Good. Good. Good. Well done good fights up again one all okay. Just remember when you end up on the side on the ground once your head on top. Okay, we keep that safe. Come close again be hug. All right, ready see Nice. Nice. Nice all okay Robert come up again. Just one thing you there when we go in the ground want to keep our arms. Mm. Okay, so rep hard because we don't want to get out there and maybe have injuries and shoulders. So make sure we keep our arms tight ready last one on your marks sit. Don't tense up tents up good good news that he'd push them to the side. Good break. Well done. Right guys, Nick's activity winner do to warm up is called the catcher. So what I want you to do is face each other. Okay, Andrew, you're going to try and drop your knees to the ground as fast as you can Carl. You're going to try and prevent them from hitting the ground. Okay. If you do that, you get a point if your knees touch the ground you get a point. Okay, this activity is good because we're going to start with our hands and our chest and we're going to clinch office. All right, so hands up that's going to help us with our tension because when you come around you can't grab okay, you've got to use all your muscles in your arms and your abs and even your legs to hold them up. All right, cool. Cool. Okay on your marks set up get them up. Get them up Carl good. Come on. Well done. Tension. Very good break. Okay. Come closer. It's going to be your turn this time. Okay, what I want you to do as you punch her arms past the body. I want you to dip your legs at the same time. So you prevent them from hitting the ground cool and your marks as well your chest sit good get them up. Get them up. Get them up. Well done. Well done. Hold them up. Good fight break. All right good tension. I get I can see it in your arm. So you're really fighting one more time. All right, you're going to go again knees to the ground. I want you to dip your knees or bend your knees at the same time and punch right through. Okay, get your arms right around them. No grabbing. You're going to squeeze as hard as you can Kitt good tension in your body sit. Good get them up. Get them up. Good fight good tension. Well done and break.