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Tackle technique

Learning Tackle Technique

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Good get him up. Get him up. Good fight good tension. Well done and break in the beginning phase were looking at making shoulder contact. We're looking at using our arms to wrap. We're looking at cheek to cheek to keep our kids safe and then body tension so that we don't let the attacker go right guys. This is an activity we can do in the beginning stages of the tackle. I think and what I want to do around our knees again as so that we can improve our tackle technique and get our head and particularly on the right place. So what you're going to do Robert is on go you're going to tackle John and push them to the left side where you go just do a slow-motion contact with your shoulder wrap with your arms good placement of head up you get and then same again to your left. So we practice both sides good up again, and we're going to do that for 10 seconds and see how many tackles he can do. Cool. All right, Robert. Okay on your marks sit. Good good, man. Get the shoulder in here hard against the thigh rep with your arms. Good rep squeeze them together two seconds left squeeze with your arms and stop. Well done. Good repping. Right guys. This activity is going to evolve three people on the attacking team and Rico. You can have to make a decision who you're going to tackle. Okay. This is to help us with putting our head in the right place and making sure we get the right tackle with the right shoulder happy to go. Okay on your marks Set Go. Good shoulder. Contact Rico and up you get come back as fast as you can pull back to the middle. So just remember Rico what we want to really try and do is get your cheek hard up against the opposition's FI. Okay, and squeeze really tight ready go. It's good. Well done. Good rep and Back Again. Let's keep it moving right Rico. What I want you to do is really hit low. They can't get your shoulder and around waste site squeeze with your arms go. Pizza well done good height and back up again. Kyle you can look to run we can look to pass. That's it. Good hit placement Rico up again. Last one make your decision which side the heads going to go go. Nice good head placement break.