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The Choke Tackle

The choke tackle is a technique used to slow attacking ball down. By wrapping the attacker high around the ball and lifting them slightly, their momentum is reduced and they are unable to make the offload. The longer a tackler can keep them from going to ground, the more time the rest of the defence have to get ready.

Video Subtitles

So we're just looking at massive line speed and we're putting pressure on and the emphasis for the lads is loads of energy get this place and right at the line speed is huge good day still the field and then we do the things that we started with get off the line put them on the pressure Force mistakes, and then we create opportunities for our cells do that. And so I'll spacings are landspeeder communication to then disrupt the attack just getting the technique is the thing. You've got to get right ever get a technic everything off everything else or flow first guy in think about hit Square. Yeah. Catch Taco so looking at keeping the ball up in the air and get them forcing the turnover that way and all Jake's going to think about is getting away and all I want you to think about he's getting his hips in front. Yeah, that's all you're trying to do. They let's go get in front to stay in front bam. Just get your hips in front. You've got to get grounded. Okay, hold it there. So Boise jog out. They're going to come up with the tackler make it kind of sidon tackle them work myself Square. Yeah off we go go boy shit. That's it. That's it. You see if you can hit under the ball. Okay with one man. Okay, and just pull the elbow nice and soul is he's nice and tall. He can't drive forward. Yeah bakemax. Well done.