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Tackle technique 5

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Sex cause what we want to emphasize in this tackle as as we come close to the attacker Wilson and sit if the attacker changes Direction at the last minute, we want you to change the side of that your heads going to go on. Okay, and this is for safety reasons what we're seeing in the game at the moment as players are leaving their head and front and therefore getting knees which can cause concussion and head knocks. All right. So slow motion. Change direction of your head going down goods. And ideally like you've just done there Wilson. You can change the league that you had in front. All right, one more time going back. There was great wasn't ready. Come on in Wilson slow motion hip down. Good. Well done. Good head placement Good Foot placement safe tackle what team? We're going to move into the last phase of the tackle, which is making a complete tackle. Okay, so we're going to put all our skills that we practice and to 1 and in this activity here. It's going to have a chance for us to practice a dominant tackle, but also a tackle that we call the latch and then you might execute the latch win. It's a smaller player against a bigger player. So we're going to see some of that in the sector very cool. Okay, let's give it a go. So lining up on the go we're going to run around the cones attackers versus Defenders steady. Got my eyes closed without George good and up. Well done. George good shoulder contact. Good latch up to your feet Sit Close. The space will contact well done up to your feet and over the ball. Okay important that you get to your feet as fast as you can see it go. Go on in my there you go. Good feet and up. You get over that ball attack that ball. All right. If you get in a dominant tackled League drive, if you're not in a dominant position, then just latch. Hold on get to your feet go. Nice and Swap and up. Well done Good Feet. I'm feeling more confident. Now. All I have to do is remember these key coaching points one eyes always on the core with a tech thing around the ball or around the legs and move forward into contact to try to position myself slightly inside the ball carrier inside shoulder three always keep my face up keep my feet alive and position my leading foot close to ball carrier. For drive with the legs making firm contact with the shoulder and make sure I keep my head to the side and keep driving. Five punch my arms forward and wrap around the ball carrier six continue power drive through to complete the tackle and try to end up on top of the ball carrier. Seven release and get to my feet as fast as possible before I can recover the ball. Make sure you check out Wayne Smith's and Steve Henson session in the bonus section.