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Tackle technique 3

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Nice could hit placement break and this session. We're going to look at the developing face. We're going to look at our footwork to make sure we're square with the attacker. We're also going to make sure eyes are open on the core within going to look at our power stepped into the tackle to be strong and our arms up by your chest ready for contact. Right guys, we're moving into the developing phase now and it involves us being on our feet and when you're on your feet, you got to move a bit more and we've got to improve our tackling skills while we're on our feet. So this activity is going to help us with our footwork. Well, you're going to be the attacker and you've got to try and lose your Shadow, which is George George. You've got to try and keep in line with Will as much as you can by using small feet. Okay, hit up keep your eye on as core area so that you keep track of them. Cool, right? Let's see. How you go on your marks go. Good Feet George well done. Yeah much better George good try and lose them will good three seconds ago. That's it. Small feet. Well done George and stop great work George right guys, another activity to help us in the developing phase of the tackle and we're going to work on our foot placement. The other one we were looking at our foot movement this time. We're going to look at our foot placement against the attacker right guys. So really want you to get your foot in close to the attacker and you can use both hands to push them away and that's going to represent the power and the tackle. All right, okay to see how you go bind up. So also you try and get person at the back on your marks. Pushing through eighth grade all the way back and yep and start again very well, sir. Nicer. Push the feet a good leg Drive. Keep it going get that foot placement right in front and push bed are cuter. Well done. Last one get it right over. Nice. Well done good foot placement. That was today. Well done.