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Worcester - Decision at breakdown

The coach uses a tackle sausage and ball to replicate an attacking player. If the player falls back towards the defender he secures the ball, if the attacker falls further away the defender clears aggressively. This exercise could be worked as a support player for one of your own attackers

Video Subtitles

Okay, just explain what I'm going to do here. We have a tackler attacker with a ball. Okay, depending on which direction by push. The bank is depend on what we do. We understand that now if I drop the ball down there. What are we going opportunity to do? Get on the boat. Okay, if we made a passing tackle, we can probably get on the boards agree. Okay, if we make a dominant tackle with the ball out of here, where do we want to go pass the ball? Okay. So for non positive tackle, so tackle we go Hands-On for a positive tackle We Fight Pass the ball. Let's look good. We ready. Stay the side. Okay, we play poker. Okay one shot. Let's get straight on please one shot on the ball. Let's be clear with our hands and we've released and we go on we're ready. Okay, let's build it up. Let's put two bags in as Defenders now, please attackers. Sorry get on the bike this time. if we get a fire situation We need two people to go in and clear path. You guys are just working to put pressure on the guys here play play play play on the ball. Let's make it clear passive tackle Hands-On positive tackle. We weren't possible reflect. last couple Okay, okay.