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A Player's Responsibility to Prepare

It's not just down to coaches to prepare players for the game. Most of the work must be done by the players themselves, to ensure they are in the best physical and mental condition to perform and learn.

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Well, I mean ultimately it's down to you to make sure you're ready to play. You know, the guys can spoon feed you exactly what you got to do in the gym and all the rest of it. But once you walk away from the club or even when you're in the club making sure you take the supplements and look after yourself. Do your eyes past wear your leggings. Whatever makes you tick, you know, it's your responsibility to stay on top of that and away from the club diet things sleep things like that is is up to you. The players need to prepare the need second owners upon themselves and really a responsibility upon themselves to a understand what the roles responsibilities are but also to learn as well and if you just sit back and expect it to happen, he just won't happen for you. You got to look after yourself so that when you're going to a training session, so physically you got to make sure you're in the right the right shape. So you got to look after yourself the night before I'm recovery the right food beforehand get decent breakfast in ready to go so that when you turn up ready for that meeting before training or that warm up, You know physically you're absolutely ready to get into it. I think Western countries must have provoked be after you try to beat each other up for 80 minutes on a Saturday. You take most your Sunday off and just recover and and then you're raring to go again on the Monday. The other side of it will be mentally so whatever the training sessions about making sure that you've got an idea of what's going to be going on. For example, if you're on an attack day making sure you just look over your notes the day before about what you attack plays are and what your role in that is so that when you get a trainer pictures not just your not just like mentally you're not just completely cold and physically not completely cold so that you can get into the session quicker and ultimately get more out of the hour or so you want to put the cultures can give you so much you're the ones that are playing the game and the things that happen in the game that you might not prepped for in you've got me ready to to adapt an end after pictures. Well, you've got to look after yourself. You've got to be professional you've got to do get extras or whatever you need to do. So it is is what the player does you can't cover everything you want to see players that are self driven. You always know we do makeup for make ourselves available to do position specific skills with them but fish it all the time, you're pushing themselves to do those little bit of extras and the clubs have a large responsibility to look after the players getting prepared. But as individuals if you want to perform have the best season possible look after Self injury prevention, you're a professional from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed and that's things like your own training. If you need to do Fitness top-ups, if you need to stretch if you need to do treatment all those kind of elements are essential if you know, there's an air of your game, it's not going. Well. You need to practice it you need to do extras the top players in the world are the guys that the last was out the training field doing extras. So the emphasis has got to be on the players. They've got to be self-motivated and all the best players are self-motivated.