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Why Train In 4 Minute Blocks!

London Scottish Players and Coaches explain why they often train in 4 minute blocks.

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We're trying to simulate what you get in games is there's a lot of intensity in four minutes sections of the match now the might be stoppages but they'll stops are invariably for set press command line out. But when there's a passage of play you usually find that you're looking at three minutes and then the form and it's just gives them that additional extra minute to work hard and that's when it's really tested that last-minute is when you usually find that the errors creeping it on the fatigue and also play a switching off. So if you can work to an intensity to the four minutes come game time when you're working for enviable two and three minutes they're in a good place because in a game the well obviously it my very but in general the longest phase you'll get in the game unless it's exceptional is going to be about three three-and-a-half minutes. So if we can work to four minutes and we know that will be fit enough to be engaged with could you repeat happens? We know the ball typically for 25 minutes of the game if we can do six blocks four minutes, then we know that we're fit enough to Competing whole game. I think the other side of it is that the S&C coaches Owen who heads up? It doesn't amazing job second year for him this year and you know, he's looking at how can I how can I start to steady and build their sort of their Fitness levels and and then test them at the same time?