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Paul Gustard - Finding New Ideas

Paul Gustard of Saracens explains where he looks for inspiration for new coaching ideas.

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Well then sir, that's a wonderful thing, you know, so you can often find bits and pieces there. So obviously I think the think most relevant things is I try to take some experiences from obvious what we plan to assassinate. What are the Premiership size will play what happens in the rubber what happens the super 15 what happens tri-nations? What happens in Six Nations? See common trends of play what happens see how you're going to try to evolve your style of obesity. And then with that style of the what is the most relevant thing that I can help progress the side? So if I see something happen in the super 15, and I would like to try to implement that take it back to its lowest common denominator and then build up again from there to try and bring it to a junior coach.