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Development over Winning

The academy coaches discuss the why development is their main priority

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I think winning is important in sport in general because we play to win. I think the important thing is where the emphasis is put I think kids play because they're made to their in the enjoy having fun with each other. I think quite a lot of time the emphasis is put on by external influences to solve maybe big up the winning side of it. When actually if you look at the Players long-term development winning doesn't really become that important to lower it ain't when the in competitive leagues was actually prizes to be won. I mean, you got to go through the long term development stages with the player and when the start of each added or that one winner becomes becomes really important when the younger it's about developing and learning and enjoying it seems that the from the studies the competition seems to come from the coaches or the desire to win comes from the coaches and comes from the from the parents. I think the kids just want to go out there and enjoy what they're doing. Yeah, there is kids that are more competitive than others, but I think the enjoyment is the biggest thing that kids can get out. I will be and the camaraderie of it in the make pal. And generally that the Pulsar life to be honest. So whilst competition is really important. I think kids if you ask the majority of kids to go down there because they meet sir then they enjoy what they're doing feed them stew that it lets go play chocolate. chocolate Axle well done. Well done. I'm for parents. It's about encouraging and supporting but not necessarily encroaching. I think you gotta let the kids grow up at their own other wrong place and everybody's different. So I think if you can be there to support and provide lift and encourage and and things like that, then you're doing a great job as a parent for a young kid because you give them the best opportunity.