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The Skills Coaches Look For

Elite coaches outline the key fundamentals that they look for in young players and what club coaches could potentially focus on

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I think ultimately the skills we look for is the ability to catch Pass Run and Tackle. I think once it could take some will beat it's important in that they work on all areas of the game and as they get all the different things will start to become important board meets the basic core skills of catch password and type of thing do that. They can become a good rubber play. Axle well done. Let's finish the tackle off with getting in a good position over the ball go get up. Get out. Get up good position over the book good if you watch a game on the TV or you go to a rugby club of weekend and watch the game live and that's what you see. You see people running with a bond and passing it to other people and then the Defenders are trying to stop them by tackling. So it's important because it's what the game is. And if you were a young coach coaching younger children, what sort of things would you be focusing on your sessions trying to keep it as fun as possible try to do things to as many games as possible but emphasizing those key areas the ability to make tackles off both shoulders the burden of pass off left and right hand and the ability to be people one-on-one.