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Brian Smith - Coaching Philosophy

London Irish Director of Rugby Brian Smith, on why coaching is about being a great communicator.

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I think it's great for your credibility to have played or played at a high level and what have you but it's not mandatory. That probably means the boys will give you a sympathetic audience. But then it's the coaching is really the art of communication. It's you know, it's coaching's teaching. So if you're a really good teacher a good communicator and you can you can explain and understand that each player is different than there's three or four different ways that each player could possibly learn and I think once you understand that it's not all about how much you know, but it's all about how efficiently and effectively you can improve players and I think that's the role of a coach. It's not about the coaches career and Ambitions and all the rest that I think it's about, if you understand and your the core reason for you doing this is to help improve other people and I don't think you'll go too far wrong. Darren, that's outstanding defence mate. Recognising 50% ruck they had the overload well done. Richie, straight into handling mate let's go. Lovely hands Fenners great hands, mate. Good talk. Good talk Ferg. So Green Team Our focus is going to be for this first block on Red Zone. So understanding what we're trying to do on that Red Zone some of its going to be off set piece and some of them be from a chaos type situation just understand where we had success last weekend on that opening up that short side would play nines and tens can organize that defensively from the blues. It's a shoulder on. All right, so we get a shoulder on this once we bed down the Red Zone stuff and we're happy we will come back and just touch on the whole whole nine yards we'll go exits attack zone and we'll finish on a couple of red zones right at the death. Rugby you know, there's always been my thing since I was a kid and guys like Alec Evans inspirational coaches.I still keep in contact with him. He was you know, it was he was coaching before videosand all the rest of it and he'd come into a change in after a game and go all the way around from 1 to 15 and be able to give a very concise summary of that player's performance, you know to be when you go to that high ball. You just need to turn your right shoulder and drive that right knee up so you can get a bit of a Twist and it was just unbelievable on technical detail. And as I say I keep in touch to this day and you know, he's a man he's a guru a master communicator and he cared a lot about his players.