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Conor O Shea - Basics of the game

Conor O Shea discusses what constitutes the basic aspects of rugby union

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Water water I would say it will be the same order the whole time because if you can't catch and you can't pass you can't play rugby, which is the starting point for the whole thing. He picked the ball up and you run so, you know, you're catching and you're passing are the two biggest thing. What do you do next? I don't think you play to have fun and you play to enjoy so unless you're actually on the back here. So I'm going to put myself in the hole, but you play to run so, you know the the mall in and the scrimmaging would be probably one of the last things that I'd go far because I just like to have the ball and running but fundamentals the whole way up as have fun make sure that your priority skills are always there and it doesn't change and I think I'm young age. You want people to be engaged in the sport? They have to learn how to catch and pass the start. But then you want them running around and just playing with freedom. Don't get them bogged down in in its strategies are winning or losing but there's a big debate and they always about we play too much competitive sport if you stick anybody out on a school playground, they'll want to win everyone has a competitive Instinct. So you don't need a league to say that someone has learned from competition. They'll go out there and they'll play if you played me and tiddlywinks I would want to beat you until Ewings that is the nature of sports people. So just get them to a point through their kachins router passing they can play and let him go and then as they get to a certain age you build it up and you add in the scrimmaging when it becomes the appropriate time, but scrimmaging rules are no different to when we play back in our day. It's a lot more through health and safety a lot more regimented get your line out, right but get lifting at the right time. Get your Mall in Rise. Well, Don't do too much because let's get the ball wide and let's get people running and playing but I would start the whole way through even to this if I felt that we had guys coming along and the end it's tough. But if they're not coming along and having fun in training I've been challenged in training. Why are they playing?