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World Class Basics

All the top coaches agree. Rugby is all about performing the basics well. This means being able to execute accurate skills at the right time, under pressure...

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Well, I was called it world-class Basics. I think you know sometimes people say well, you know, the best games are test matches are won with fantastic tactical approaches or whatever. It's actually the best test matches the top games. I think a one because players do their Basics. So well Keith Guild haven't changed the game hasn't changed the physicality is changed. So that's key for the modern game, but the fundamentals of the game will never change its catch its kick. It's past its doing your Basics and if you can do your Basics and the simple things when I always find it funny you go along and who The Benchmark the All Blacks you go along to watch a training session and the old back straining and people go. Oh, well, this is simple. This is what we do. They're catching they're passing you all of that is all it is critical and what surprised a lot of people when they come to Pro training is that we work a lot on the basic skills. I think they think we're looking for the big trick or the big plan out there that's going to beat someone but it's Not that you know, these old inside the basic skills. Yeah, when the pressures applied the other things that are going to get you through you learn your skill at an early age. How do you become better under pressure in games to me? You do that by playing games? It was with that player. Yes, you still have drilled you still breaking down to get proper technique, but for me the predominance of actually making a skill better and making a player better is by putting a lot of pressure and again,