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Communicating Ideas Effectively

Saracen's community coach explains how most players learn and the vital role that video resources play in communicating new ideas, skills and moves

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I think the biggest thing that everyone learns in such different ways, but the biggest thing is that you know, you see all these words and the piece of paper and when you do your course and stuff unless you start seeing it and start viewing it and from my point of view when I started, you know started going out there's so much stuff out there. You know, I would like to watch it. So go down watching session online resource with videos of the Fantastic thing. I know it's something that you know, I'd really really take on board and I have used already that you know, getting some ideas and again like, you know, seeing some things I might go I like the concept but I might change it a little bit. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go good footwork. Well done. Let's go to see if that's in feet. Don't go off the pitch. Let's stay on good time. Good work. Let's go. Let's go. You catch a we will go. Okay. Yeah Priya catcher we go under their legs ha ha ha. Let's go 10 seconds 10 seconds. Keep working keep working keep working. Bye, oh, three, two one just because it might be an RFQ or a saracens or anything like that thing. It doesn't mean that it's always right, you know, the coaches know the best things about the place, which that's why they're the coach and it's trying to get the best things out of it of a session and making it totally tailored for you.