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Principles of Defence - Go Forward

Ex Harlequins coach explains the basic defensive principles - starting with ‘Go Forward’.

Video Subtitles

Number one me go forward. We don't want to be passive and wait for them to come to us then and I appreciate is going to be different in different levels and different age group that I've done with you yet. So take what you without a bit The key thing is get off. My didn't watch England Island yesterday. The great demonstration of just getting off the line and to be acted on his technique was very good, but it didn't actually matter if they missed first up tackle because there's some of the lines we were so great and this one it back if you've stepped out on your second straight into the next tackle because every Everybody bought into the idea of get off the line. So for me first principle is go forward. Word from the enough. It's also the first person attacked isn't room is a great simple things missing don't fall.