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Tips for Coaches and Parents

Academy coach provides some insight into some ideas on community coaches and parents of players

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If I were to give a tip to a young coach, it would probably along the basis of try and make sure the players come away from the sessions wanted to come back and do more because they enjoy what they do if you get that right the kids up by anywhere and I'll go along with if you want to go far. You've got to be committed because there's lots and lots of talented players there. But the ones who work hard who actually go the furthest thing in the long term, so it's about trying your hardest to get back hand the becoming the best you can possibly be and for parents. It's about encouraging and supporting but not necessarily encroaching. I think you gotta let the kids grow up at their own at their own pace and everybody's different. So I think if you can be there to support and provide lifts and encourage and and things like that, then you're doing a great job as a parent for a young kid because you give them the best opportunity.