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Listening is a coaches technique

Psychologist John Neal highlights the importance of listening intently to coach more effectively.

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The next World Class basic is all about listening. We've talked about questions, but questions alone without listening doesn't work. If you've asked a great question. The next thing we have to think about is listening now, I'm not going to tell you how to listen. I think every coach can listen intently sometimes when they're interested they listened intently sometimes when they want knowledge, they listened intently. So the ability to listen intently is not the issue a world-class listener decides that they will listen in every moment. They don't just listen to the words that are spoken the look at the body language. They look at the pitch and tone of voice they pick up on movement and shape and they listen with their ears they listen with their heart and they listen with their soul but they do it intently if you listened intently. There is so much information that comes out to enable you to coach people more effectively. But listening is difficult if you're doing it. Well, it takes massive concentration and commitment and one other key thing in order to listen, you've got to quieten the Noise Within your own head to listen to someone else you have to give up of yourself and if you give up of yourself, and you start listening It makes a huge difference to the player. They feel engaged and they feel listened to so you don't need courses on this knee younes just need to decide to listen.