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Tips for Coaches - Be positive

How to coach - Tigers coach Tosh Askew outlines some fundamental principles such as being positive and including all of your players in all of your activities.

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So she asked you Leicester Tigers assistant Academy manager and Coach. I think probably the most important thing is is to be inclusive to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity and to be really positive with players but in being positive that means you don't turn a blind eye to poor technique or poor execution. You have a good eye to help and develop the players all the time good start good start there is to work on from that last little bit of again. What do we need to concentrate on not ball watching good. What else? All right special awareness? Okay, and Short sharp. Yeah. All right. Don't crowd the ball. Okay, let's look where we need to be to be available to get passes. All right way stand still don't move. Don't move guys. What did we say? We were trying to work on with this space. Right? So other looks and still George, please thanks. Just look where you are. Now in relation to what we've got available and where the ball is? Okay. Can we just start focusing on one or two key areas? So you actually think about getting to the space and make yourself available? Okay, what will give you an advantage? Before you catch the ball. What can you do before you catch the ball to give your team an advantage? No were the next past needs to go be looking around. Good good. Well done.