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What qualities do we look for

The academy coach outlines the key attributes they look for in players

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The game's sense thing against very important somebody that sees things isn't totally fixed upon the ball. They are just reliant on their pace and their sizes is often the case with Junior mini would be that they have the game understanding game sense to bring other people into the game and athleticism clearly is really really important and a great attitude. That's what we look for. Yeah that evasion that movement literacy is really important this skills and the techniques are the things that we should hopefully be able to help them with if they've got the basic coordination athleticism, then it's up to us as coaches to give them all those bits onto that we run a development program here that is supported by a competitive program winning is not important in terms of their development. It is a part of this. And that they have to learn in game since game understanding if we want boys to be able to move up to the senior Squad they have to be able to do that. But at the early stage is definitely not winning is not important to us now.