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Principles of Defence - Communication

Ex Harlequins coach Collin Osborne explains his seventh and final defensive principle - Role Clarity.

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So having this role Clarity, so and that's great in the first 10 minutes of the game God. I just told you the ability to communicate the typically when your knackers and that's the real challenge that is real. You know, we play a lot of games and I'll try and get them to the point where they are really fatigued. And first thing is it just goes quiet and always believed this top of it being drinks break. You tell me you can have a chat handsome group and then communication Communication problem said I've had the privilege of working with a professional teams also spent many many many years with junit. He's girls people never seen a rubber ball the bottle people all that and it's really fascinated the whole communication thing and the team element is common to everybody. It doesn't matter what And that's the ones who stand out because they can you can actually coach something in the right place to get a guard, you know, even though you've and suddenly people switch on they got a voice on the show limits me talking to her when it goes quiet is a complete shambles. I'm sure. So case but it really important to how you manage your sessions that you get opportunity for. They get opportunities within the section to be stress and stretched and still. Can you keep that skill level keep that Focus keep that comes in when you're under extreme pressure.