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Tony Rea - Transferable skills between codes

London Bronco's coach outlines some of the skills that are common to both rugby union and rugby league

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Coach the coach London Broncos for seven years or something like that and go to the brumbies for three years. I did some Defense work there and some senior coaching work there at the brumbies as well and I've been back here now for seven games. First and foremost team and attitude and though all those things are that are important in getting any performance, right, you know focus on being the best inside yourself as much as as much as doing the content of your training session. Secondly, I think you know, obviously the natural skills are the core skills are very similar spacings are very difference. Probably the biggest thing, you know, it's the 10 meter rule inside of leave makes the space. He's been a little bit different, you know, obviously we regularly has a higher volume of tackles, you know, you think of consistently bikes are doing anywhere between 40 and 50 tackles of the top range and 20 in a game at the bottom. And so obviously there's a bit more of an emphasis on the tackle itself and the defensive read so it off the back of that is learning to Value defense really it's a bigger thing that happens inside a league. It's a really a given it's really important the rugby blokes value their defense as much as their as their offense.