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London Irish - Our Training Style

An insight into a Premiership Rugby training session. Do the top teams train differently to amateur clubs and schools?

Video Transcription

You got to keep developing the pliers because if every player is getting better your team gets better very conscious with our group making sure that we're creating a positive environment where there's lots of encouragement and learning and that we don't want training ever to be boring or not stimulating or not challenging. We do warm up Sir prepare the body for activity. We call it an s&c or a locomotive warm up. So that was just the boys getting moving and the strength and conditioning coaches drive that Mobility work for the hips hips and ankles soft tissue preparation for their posterior chain. So hamstrings calves and just some general movement drills just to prepare them for the for the bulk of every session. If we keep the love the one that's fairly light hearted. That's the opportunity. They have to have a chat before they start training for they have to you know, switch on grab a drink and then we're gonna split. We had a blue team running the opponent's plays and the Green Team running our plays for the weekend. Get on doing get on him early. That's better. If you've got a good driving platform, you can look penalties out of teams and control field position. Basically through the penalties this first block. We're going for five minutes. It's flat stick or say Green Team attacks in blue team will take we're punching through getting really super quick ball lightning quick ball from there. Okay Green Team on the try line Blue Team out. We tend to train really high intensity. Okay, let's play up from here. IJ second Boulevard We're Cowboys reload reload. You got to reload faster. We try and train over speed training. So we did three blocks of five minutes at overspeed where basically we don't want anyone to walk for five minutes. And so we're constantly moving. We're challenging the players to think fast growing team exit scrubbed. My green team down this way and 5 for ya throw away a free kick Arch. Okay blue team drug out of grab a shield. When making decisions faster in training and we have two Indigo and the idea is you know is the is to have that overload effect in training. So when you get to a game the game should be simpler.